The Assassin’s Creed franchise has changed over recent years, with Assassin’s Creed: Origins changing the playing style in 2017 to a more RPG based game. Some fans are on board with the new engine, while others mourn the loss of the type of franchise they have loved since the very first game, simply titled Assassin’s Creed from 2007.

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla / Picture Credit: Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla / Picture Credit: Ubisoft

If you’re with the fans that still love and play these games, then you might be interested to learn what the most recent game’s next DLC has to offer. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (2020) is the latest addition to this long-running franchise, and those who have played the main game and the first DLC, Wrath of the Druids, will likely be excited to get going with a story set in France.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is set in 878 AD; you play as Eivor, a Norse warrior (who you can chose to be male or female) who has travelled from Norway with his clan in order to start anew. Once you arrive in England you and your clan face adversity as you travel across the country, pledging your allegiances to Kings in order to keep everyone you love safe.

The system the game follows is rather simple, too; travel to an area (provided you are the correct level to do so) and help out whoever is in charge in order to secure an ally moving forward.

The first DLC, set in Ireland, saw Eivor travel to see his cousin, Bárid. Ireland is plagued by a cult called The Children of Danu, and you must see to their destruction. This DLC is a rather fun and interesting addition to the main game, with new characters and the return of the pigeon coops, much to the excitement of many original fans.

Assassin's Creed:Valhalla - Wrath of the Druids DLC / Picture Credit: Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed:Valhalla - Wrath of the Druids DLC / Picture Credit: Ubisoft

Pigeon coops were, in the older games, ways for your character to collect missions and requests; Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has thankfully added this nod to previous games. This time, the coops give you mini missions (set by unknown Kings) to complete for the reward of items you can use to upgrade Dublin, and any trade posts you come across.

In regard to the upcoming DLC, titled The Siege of Paris, little detail is known. However, what we do know may be enough to get you excited to take Eivor on another quest across the sea.

The upcoming DLC, entitled The Siege of Paris, is rumored to release on November 9th this year (2021). French leaker, who goes by the name J0nathan, has gathered some decent information on the extension to the main game; he has uncovered a potential storyline and while he seems to be a credible source, what he has found may not actually be included in the DLC.

J0nathan has discovered that, via data mining, Charles the Fat has waged war against the Norse in Francia. England, Eivor’s new home, is expected to be next on his list and thus you make your way to Paris in order to make new allies, and to protect Ravensthorpe (your settlement back in England) and everyone who lives there. It seems that this DLC will follow the pattern of the main game, with different sections of Northern France to explore and unite with.

While none of this is concrete as of yet, J0nathan may not be too far off. The second DLC will hopefully give us another decent-sized area to inspect and new enemies to fight; just as we had in Ireland.

Eivor's Longship in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla / Picture Credit: Ubisoft
Eivor's Longship in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla / Picture Credit: Ubisoft

In regard to new antagonists, we may be seeing an increase in challenges for our hero. Battles are of course a large part of this game, and now it seems we will be getting something totally new; Eivor will be up against the French Cavalry, soldiers on horses who may be even more relentless than the druids we saw in the recent DLC in Ireland.

Since fans have been more or less demanding the inclusion of single-handed swords, it appears that the upcoming DLC will be adding this to the many weapons already in Eivor’s collection. Along with this, the Sword of Eden is also rumored to return; this is good news, as we have not seen this legendary piece of weaponry since Assassin’s Creed: Unity (2014).

France seems to open up a range of possibilities for our main character, and pave the way to new enemies, environments, weapons, threats and collectables. It will hopefully serve as a sizable challenge to the player, as the previous DLC did, and will expectantly include a whole new list of villains to hunt down, as we did in the main game with members of The Order.

On the whole, The Siege of Paris appears to be a brilliant addition to the game; the main game was brilliant in its own right, so to get even more content for it will be a fun way to continue Eivor’s saga.

Check out the game trialer for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla below!

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