With The Year of the Mammoth coming to an end on Hearthstone, Blizzard have decided to go out with a bang, bringing the third and final card set to players in the form of new expansion, Kobalds & Catacombs. (Remember; login to the game on Monday, November 6 to get a copy of the expansion’s first revealed card, Marin the Fox!)

Coming to Hearthstone this December

Coming to Hearthstone this December

What’s the deal?

Focusing on loot and the idea of dungeon exploring, the 135-card set will bring some incredible cards to the game, with just a few revealed so far. Nine of those cards are new class-specific Legendary Weapons, with each player receiving one of the weapons for free the first time they log into the game after the expansion has launched.

One of the new cards is the majorly powerful Warlock legendary Azari, the Dovourer. At 10/10 for 10, he’s a heavy hitter with a lot of health, but his Battlecry is the real game-changer. Destroying their opponent’s deck completely, it will be interesting to see just which cards they get to replace them. This would work heavily in your favour if you were struggling with an opponent’s direction, allowing you a breath of fresh air and leaving them rattled.

Then there’s the huge gamble that could be the Rod of Roasting; a card we understand is for the new game mode, Dungeon Run (more on that further down!) For 10 mana, you’re able to cast the spell, which casts Pyroblast randomly until one of the heroes die. Though it could take you out in a few shots if the random rolls don’t come in your favour, it could be the perfect way to end a match early if things aren’t looking great.

There are also a number of dangerous passive cards being slotted into the mix, which you can see in the gallery at the bottom of the article along with all of the other newly-announced cards from BlizzCon 2017 so far…

Don’t forget the new game mode!

So, about that new game mode! Dungeon Run is a single player mode which developers promise will have the most replayability that a single player mode has ever given Hearthstone gamers. Launching with the new set, Dungeon Run will see players challenge big bosses in a mode that’s attempting to replicate the classic fantasy dungeon crawls. Starting with a mediocre deck, players will face a series of enemies that progressively get stronger, randomly selected from a huge pool of rogues. Each win will see them given the chance to bolster their deck with looted cards, including some of the brilliant treasures you can see in the gallery below. Losing a single battle however will send a player right back to the start of their dungeon journey, destroying their deck and forcing them to restart.

The stakes are high in Dungeon Run, but it seems there are really some incredible rewards for those who are able to combine the skills they’ve learned throughout their time playing various Hearthstone modes.

Kobalds & Catacombs will come to Hearthstone this December, with a special 50-pack bundle available for the one-time price of $49.99 on Battle.net and in Blizzard’s game shop for those looking to pre-purchase. 

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