Gamers from across the globe are exciting this weekend, as BlizzCon has rolled around once more and all the latest additions to games such as World of Warcraft and the immensely popular Overwatch are to be revealed! Stick with us here at Female First, as we take in Friday and Saturday night’s big reveals, breaking it all down for you lucky folk right here…

What will be revealed this year?
What will be revealed this year?

World of Warcraft

A classic server is coming to World of Warcraft players, with the game experience from the classic WoW something players have been hoping for, for quite some time. Gamers will have to wait a little while until it goes live, but it’s great to know that the project is something that’s being worked on heavily behind-the-scenes.

When it comes to gameplay, the rift between the Alliance and Horde is something that continues. In the game’s newly-revealed expansion, there will be the additions of new continents Kul Tiras and Zandalar, with dungeons and raids now allowing players to level their characters up to 120. Races will join together for the first time to see the world at war continue, in the Battle For Azeroth.


The Year of the Mammoth will be coming to an end with its third set; Kobalds & Catacombs. One of the cards available in the set is Marin the Fox, who will be free for players who log into the game on Monday. Everybody in attendance at BlizzCon will get a gold version of the copy, as well as virtual ticket holders who watch the event from home.

A new single player experience has also been promised, nothing like anything Hearthstone players have seen in the past called Dungeon Run. Promised to be the most “replayable single player content ever”, the addition will be completely free and will see gamers tasked with taking out bosses if they’re to gain power and help build a successful deck. One wrong move however and your defeat will end up in your deck being thrown out completely.


A brand new map was the first thing to be revealed for Overwatch, with a theme park called Blizzard World now allowing players to go to battle. Unfortunately for players, the map won't be going live until early next year.

Of course, what everybody was waiting for was the arrival of a new hero, who this year comes in the form of female hero Moira. Using the shadows to manipulate those around her, she’s a support healer who’s unafraid of getting her hands dirty and taking out enemies. 

A new cinematic short was also revealed for Reinhardt, which showcased the hero’s earlier life when he was a crusader, before he joined the Overwatch team. The video, which also explains how Reinhardt got his infamous scar across his eye, can be seen below:

Heroes of the Storm 

A new cinematic dropped for Heroes of the Storm, featuring a pair of new heroes that have joined the fray. They were Overwatch’s Hanzo and Azeroth’s own Alexstrasza.

Developers also promised some big 2018 updates for the title, including a new camera, laning improvements, stealth rework and evolved battleground mechanics.

StarCraft II

This month, Blizzard will be making StarCraft II free to play. Starting on November 14, everyone will get the full Wings of Liberty campaign.

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