The first big reveal at BlizzCon 2018 was that of the latest hero to join the fray in Heroes of the Storm. Born entirely of the Nexus, she's an entirely unique character that hasn't been lifted from another Blizzard series, and looked to be quite the threat when she's on the field of battle.

Despite her childlike appearance, Orphea looks to be a youngster who harnesses an incredible amount of magical power. With the help of Deckard Cain, she's able to take on some truly challenging adversaries.

As the Heir of Raven Court, Orphea is described as "a mischievous, highly mobile Assassin", who carries a relic on her back that "channels her ancestral magic, wreaking havoc on clumped enemies through intense area-of-effect damage."

Orphea will be a free playable character for all BlizzCon 2018 attendees and virtual ticket holders, but available as paid-for DLC for those who haven't joined the event. She'll be available to play from November 14.

Those who want to find out a little more about Orphea's story can find out more by clicking here. Her abilities are also explored here.

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