Though leaks have been slipping through the cracks all week, Overwatch 2 was finally officially announced at the BlizzCon 2019 opening ceremony. It looks as though it will be replacing the original Overwatch game, but for those who don't want to upgrade to the new system, all of the new maps and heroes that are coming to the sequel will also be available in the original.

Overwatch 2 will for the first time include a whole selection of story missions from the jump, as well as hero-specific missions and an entirely-new PvP mode called "Push". There's even a brand new artstyle to further modernise some of the hero's looks!

Customisable abilities are now a part of gameplay, meaning more versatile controls for our favourite characters than ever before.

Photo Credit: Blizzard Games
Photo Credit: Blizzard Games

Sojourn has been confirmed as a new hero, but Jeff Kaplan said that's the only reveal we're getting for that character at the moment! He also promised that there will be a handful of other brand new heroes available in Overwatch 2 when the game launches.

Describing the series as "a shared multiplayer environment where no-one gets left behind," it looks as though both old fans and new will continue to be catered for in the coming years.

The franchise is growing, but that doesn't mean the countless hours we've spent unlocking our favourite skins and the like has gone to waste. All of that progress made in regards to cosmetics in the original game, will move on over to the sequel.

"With Overwatch 2, we’re building the cooperative, narrative-driven game experience that players have been asking for since the original—and that we’ve wanted to make for a long time,” said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re looking forward to telling the next chapter of this epic story in-game, and we’re excited to give players a whole-new kind of co-op experience built around progressing and customizing their favorite heroes—all while providing even more of everything they love about Overwatch today."

Photo Credit: Blizzard Games
Photo Credit: Blizzard Games

There was no official release date given for Overwatch 2, but we'll bring you more information surrounding the game as soon as we have it!

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