Treyarch faced a big challenge with 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' Season 2 'Zombies Outbreak' update.

Zombies Outbreak

Zombies Outbreak

Game Designer Kevin Drew has revealed the studio has created one of its largest maps for the beloved zombie mode, which presenting some obstacles when it came to keeping a sense of tension.

He told GameSpot: "It was a challenging problem filling a large vast space with some of our technical limitations, so what we ended up doing was we paired this idea of 'hotzones' where we have populated enemies throughout the large spaces, and as you engage those pockets, more spawn around you.

"So, sometimes if you start combat from far away you can just snipe a couple of zombies and that's it.

"But if you go into that area and you engage that group, suddenly there could be 15 or 20 more zombies that spawn around you."

Drew noted that this means the gamers feel like they've been trapped, while objectives will usher players into "tighter" locations.

He added: "So you get caught off guard and feel like you've almost sprung a trap. So that's how we increase that tension in the worldspace.

"And then objectives, the driving force of the mode, is where we're really able to bring all the players into a set location that's a lot tighter, and we can really ramp up the tension there and spawn a lot of zombies."