The 'Call of Duty' franchise will see its behind-the-scenes story told in an upcoming new documentary focused on the growth of the series over the last 14 years.

Call of Duty: Black Op III

Call of Duty: Black Op III

Titled 'CODumentary', the anticipated film will be available on both streaming and video on-demand services next month, and give fans a glimpse behind the curtain of one of the world's most popular video games.

The project - written and directed by Jonathan Beales - will cover the growth of the franchise from its early beginnings in 2003, and go right through to the present day as a giant of the industry.

However, although it's already gathering support, 'CODumentary' is not an official release, and publisher Activision has not had any input in the documentary.

But it seems there will be appearances on screen from many behind the scenes 'talking heads' to lend some more authority to the film.

Devolver Digital will be behind the release, while DVD and Blu-Ray editions are both planned for the future.

For now, fans can look ahead to September 19, when 'CODumentary' will launch on the likes of Google Play, iTunes, Xbox, Playstation and a number of other legal streaming services.