Ensuring players will be getting "the ultimate 3-games-in-1 experience" with Call of Duty: Black Ops III, an all-new gameplay trailer has been revealed ahead of launch.

Campaign mode in the franchise's latest addition will see gamers work through a series of missions either independently or as part of a duo, with the players constantly connected to the intelligence grid and fellow operatives during battle.

Multiplayer brings a new momentum-based chained movement system, which allows players to use their finesse to traverse the environment, using controlled slides, mantling and thrust jumps. The Specialist character system is also a new addition for Black Ops III, allowing players to master a total of nine different characters, all with their own weapons and abilities.

Then comes the Zombies mode, this time titled 'Shadows of Evil' and delivering a unique storyline from the outset. Set in the fictional Morg City in the 1940s, four troubled individuals star in a film-noir inspired horror story.

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