Wouldn't it be great to make a living from doing something you love? There are many things people do for leisure and fun that can be turned into a career. Playing poker is a good example and there are plenty of people around the world who are making a lot of money from playing poker. They have developed their game into a career but can you make a career from playing poker?

Career options

Career options

This is an interesting question and many people will say it is impossible because poker involves luck. Yes, there is luck involved when it comes to playing poker and in the short term it can make a lot of difference. It is possible to get a few lucky cards in your favour to win. However, playing as a professional means long term goals and that is where skill becomes a factor. The leading poker professionals understand that even the smallest element of skill can make a huge difference in the long term. It may provide only the tiniest edge in terms of a single game of poker but over the course of a year, it makes a significant difference to success levels.

However, even the greatest professional poker player will have downswings. Yes, better players tend to have shorter losing streaks than others but they still happen. How you deal with downswings will have a major impact on your ability to make a career from playing poker. Downswings can be both financially and mentally draining. Firstly, when you begin playing poker as a career, you must ensure you have the finance is in place to cope with a downswing. Secondly, you must understand that if you are working hard to become a better player, it is not necessarily you that is the problem during a downswing, it is the game.

Poker can come back to bite you when you least expect it and that is not your fault. It is the nature of the game and understanding that will help you to make a career from playing poker.

Mental toughness is a requirement to play poker professionally. However, there is no substitute for experience and that can only come from playing the game regularly. UK poker sites are a good example of where you can gain plenty of experience playing poker online. The more you play, the better you will become and as you enjoy playing poker anyway, that should not prove too difficult.

When answering the question ‘can you make a career from playing poker?’ you must consider the overall balance of your life. You need to have the time available to sit down and play the game regularly, entering tournaments that can take a long time to complete. Do you have the time available to dedicate to playing poker? This is perhaps the biggest question you must answer and you need to be honest with yourself. If your current personal situation does not give you the time to play poker regularly, you may need to restructure your daily routine. Yes, it is a big ask but if you are determined to make a career from playing poker, it is a change you must be willing to make.

So yes, it is possible to make a career from playing poker but do not expect an easy ride.


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