Winning the lottery or any jackpot not only does it offer life-changing financial benefits, but also many winners become local or even global sensations. That being said, some players do prefer to keep a low profile and enjoy their wins in private, while others simply want to shout it from the rooftops. But often, in the sometimes bizarre world of gambling, things are not always how they seem.

Lottery winners

Lottery winners

Scratch card conman

A man who tried to con the UK national lottery ended up being the butt of his own joke when he received nothing but a sarcastic reply to his claim that his scratch card's bar code had 'accidently' been burned off. Also, he claimed the scratch card endured an ink spillage. Despite attempting to glue amounts from previous scratch cards, the national lottery simply told him to fireproof his home and use better glue in the future. Ouch!

Can I have a pizza that jackpot?

Media outlets started reporting on a story about a pizza delivery guy named Chris Fields who had won $31,411 while playing at a mobile casino. According to reports, Fields was given 80 free spins while playing at a mobile casino during his lunch break, which he then used and won a five-figure jackpot. It turned out that this was a fake story concocted by a mobile casino to get people to sign up. In addition to spreading the story, the casino also added a geotag that could change the location of where Chris worked depending on the location of the reader. This made the idea of winning a mega jackpot more realistic as it happened to someone close to you. Talk about clever marketing!

I'm not loving it

Apparently, fast-food outlets are the base for many of these fake news stories. An article began circulating in 2015 that a McDonald's employee named Martin Reiter won $362,259 while playing bingo. Reiter then proceeded to quit his job at the Nevada eatery, but not before cursing at his manager. This story turned out to be untrue and was attributed to a fake news website.

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