Crystal Dynamics have revealed details of the 'Marvel's Avengers' beta.

Marvel's Dynamics

Marvel's Dynamics

The upcoming test run - which will run across three weekends in August - will start with a 25-minute gameplay sequence called Golden Gate, with more planned.

The Golden Gate demo will give players the opportunity to try out a number of hero-specific combos, heroics and moves, culminating with a final boss fight against Taskmaster.

The next phase of the beta will then offer two single player Hero stages, as well as a number of missions which can played as a solo or co-op mode.

One of the hero missions will see Kamala Khan - also known as Ms. Marvel - and the Incredible Hulk travelling to the forests of the American Pacific North-West.

Players will be able to get to grips with Hulk's abilities, while the second mission is set in the Russian tundra and features a face-off with Abomination.

Finally, the beta will then give players free access to four heroes - Kamala, Iron Man, Hulk and Black Widow - to use in a number of co-op missions for up to four players.

These will include HARM (Holographic Augmented Reality Machine) room challenges, plus other online War Zone and Drop ZOne missions.

Players will also be able to earn gear and XP during the beta, as well as a special nameplate which can be carried over to the main game itself.