LEGO Dimensions have today showcased a brand new trailer, showing the first look at the Dr Who gameplay embedded within the new title.

Details about the franchise and the LEGO Dimensions game was revealed today at San Diego Comic-Con, and it was confirmed that Peter Capaldi - the 12th Doctor, Jenna Coleman - Clara Oswald and Michelle Gomez - Missy would all voice their respective characters from the long-running cult science fiction television series in-game.

Worlds collide in ways only possible in LEGO Dimensions, with the TARDIS popping up in Gotham City and Hill Valley, as well as the Doctor battling in Aperture Science alongside Homer Simpson and riding a haunted mine cart with Scooby Doo and Shaggy.

Doctor Who will be made playable in the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack, with a complete Doctor Who level which will see gamers encounter Cybermen, Daleks and other manipulative villains.

A Doctor Who Level Pack will also be available for purchase, including an additional mission-based Doctor Who level along with a LEGO minifigure of the 12th Doctor and LEGO models of the TARDIS and K-9, all playable in-game.

When defeated in the level, the 12th Doctor returns as the 1st, regenerating back up to the 12th once more.

The TARDIS interior will reflect the corresponding Doctor the player has taken on, but players will also be able to manually select whichever one they prefer.

A jukebox inside will also allow those playing ot choose among different versions of the Doctor Who theme music.

The TARDIS and K-9 minifigures will be configurable physically, allowing gamers to to rebuild them twice and bring entirely different aspects to the game.

Also being released is a Doctor Who Fun Pack, including a playable Cyberman minifigure and Dalek model, also eligible to being physically built and rebuilt twice for a total of three different objects.

LEGO Dimensions will launch on September 29 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and Wii U.

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