'Doom' is coming to the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The first person shooter video game will be coming to Nintendo's latest console in the fourth quarter of 2017.

This week, the exciting news came out of nowhere for fans keeping up to date with 'Nintendo Direct', and it will see a rare mature-rated game coming to the system.

Although it was confirmed the game will hit shelves later this year, no further details were given about an exact release date or content additions for the title.

'Doom' sees players control an unnamed marine battling demonic forces which have been unleashed from hell by the Union Aerospace Corporation.

It's set in the future on a colonised version of the planet Mars, and its campaign mode has been its biggest highlight.

However, the multiplayer mode has only grown since its initial release, with DLC becoming free to all players.

It's been revealed that the Switch version of the game will include the multiplayer component, which will be available via a Day One update.

This will include all content already release, although there is no news yet on whether any other changes will be made.