'Dropshot' is a new mode added to 'Rocket League'.

Rocket League

Rocket League

Psyonix have announced that from March 22, players will be able to play the new level, which means the usual stadium shape will now be a hexagon.

However, the main focus the damage affects on the ball when its hit on the floor

An explanation on the official 'Rocket League' website, Psyonix explained: "The new ball has three different phases, each more powerful than the last, that determine how much damage is done when the ball smashes into the floor panels.

"The second and third phases are activated by multiple Battle-Car hits, so the longer the ball stays off the ground, the more powerful it becomes.

"While the first phase of the new ball only damages one tile upon impact, the second and third phases can damage up to seven and 19 panels, respectively."

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that 'Rocket League' has made $110 million in profits by giving away content for free.

The rocket-powered soccer-playing cars game experienced a spike in revenue after Psyonix gave free major DLC updates.

When it was initially sold on PS4, PC and Xbox One, 'Rocket League' earned its publishers $70 million in revenue and sold 4 million units but according to a report from Forbes, they achieved an increase of 57% and 25% respectively, making those figures stand at $110 million in revenue and 5 million unit sales.

Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham told Forbes: "Our numbers are actually going up, not down. which is not very common for a game that's ten months old."

What's more, the figures don't take into account the number of times fans acquired the popular game through Playstation Plus when it was free and amounted to five million downloads.

In February, 'Rocket League' ended its exclusive console deal and was made available on X Box One and sold a further million units at $20.

And Forbes have estimated the game has been played by 15 million people since it was launched in July 2015.

Meanwhile, the 'Rocket League: Collector's Edition' will be released June 24.

Publisher 505 Games announced the physical version of Psyonix game will be released in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and on July 5 in North America.

Fans of the popular title will also be delighted to know the 'Collector's Edition' will include four new cars.

But further details about the forthcoming new car quartet are yet to have been unveiled by Psyonix, leaving fans guessing as to whether the vehicles will be available to the rest of the game's community or not, and what they will look like.

Since its release 'Rocket League' has been highly successful at awards ceremonies, winning Best Independent Game and Best Sports/Racing Game at The Game Awards in 2015.

Psyonix also won Sports Game of the Year at the D.I.C.E. Awards in February 2016 and Best Design at the 2016 Game Developers Choice Awards.