It’s not every day that innovation is born, especially when the basis for it is baccarat, a classic casino game that’s been around for centuries. But every once in a while, a talented developer studio chooses to take on the challenge of improving upon a proven concept by adding additional features on top. This is exactly what Evolution Gaming accomplished this time around. But does the game deserve your attention?

Sit back and buckle up as we’re about to introduce you to Evolution's one and only Live Baccarat and give you the good, the bad, and the ugly!

A relaxing atmosphere to play live

Evolution Live Baccarat, as the name suggests, is a casino game that’s meant to be played against a real dealer. However, the developers went out of their way to enrich that core experience by infusing it with elements a human mind associates with relaxation. As you play, you will get the impression there is a stream of running water right behind the dealer, a nice touch that compliments the overall atmosphere.

Features at a glance

- The dealer works with a physical deck of cards that are manually shuffled each time. 

- Plenty of scoreboard styles to choose from: big road, bean road, cockroach road, small road…

- The option of placing your chips on the Pairs Side bet

- An 8 deck manual dealing shoe is the standard (a change occurs when 7 decks have been dealt)


Not only does the game display the historical and the current round’s statistics, it’s also customizable to a certain degree. For example, you can choose the style of the overlay, and the casino you’re playing at can also configure some of the core game options such as side bets and the TIE payout (8:1 or 9:1).

Choose from two viewing modes

Since there are multiple cameras to choose from, you are free to select an angle that suits you best. One is basically the fullscreen mode that allows you to see the dealer plus the entire table clearly, and the other one is called ‘mixed screen mode’ where you get a more detailed look at the action in front of you plus the relevant statistics.

Multiple game modes

To make the game experience truly unique and rewarding, there are multiple game modes to choose from and each comes with a unique flavor. Below, we’ll give you the key takeaways:

- Standard baccarat mode: the classic game format as you’ve grown to know and love.

- Live speed baccarat: a game format for those who love speeding on the highway. In this game mode, the cards are dealt face-up on the table. If the situation demands it, any third cards will be dealt immediately.

- Live baccarat squeeze: in this game format, the cards are dealt face down. The position with the highest bet on it will trigger the ‘squeeze’ (before this happens, the opposing two cards are flipped face-up). As the dealer squeezes the cards, the short edge is revealed first, right after the long edge.

- Live baccarat controlled squeeze: similar to the above, but this time around, the squeezing is in the hands of the player, performed through mouse movements.

- Live no commission baccarat: in other game formats, if the banker wins, the commission equals 5%. In this particular one, it equals 0%. There’s a caveat though. If the banker takes the round with a hand value of 6, you’ll only be paid half of your bet.

- Lightning baccarat: each round starts with 5 lightning cards. If any appear during the round, you will get a range of multipliers assigned, the lowest of which being 2x, and the highest – 8x.

- Golden wealth baccarat: similarly to the above, this game mode comes with several multipliers. It has a high RTP of 98.85%. However, the catch is that every bet has a 20% golden fee to make up for that.

- Peek baccarat: after the dealer reveals their cards, the player can increase their bet 2-3 times. A high RTP of 98.80% makes this an attractive game mode to consider.

- Dual play baccarat: for those who want to socialize with other casino players.

- Salon Prive baccarat: an exclusive face-to-face experience reserved for high-rollers. The player can choose the dealer, the game speed, and the shuffle.

Fancy playing against a live dealer? Try Evolution Live Baccarat! image credit pixabay
Fancy playing against a live dealer? Try Evolution Live Baccarat! image credit pixabay


This is one of the better options for live casino enthusiasts who love experimenting with various flavors of baccarat. The presentation is spot on, the game mode diversity is there, and the experience is as relaxing as it can be. What else needs to be said?

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