'Fallout' will get the board game treatment as it expands beyond consoles and keyboards to immerse fans into the universe in new ways.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4

Publisher Fantasy Flight Games has confirmed the new extension of the video game franchise - following on from a tabletop game - which takes its name from the same series.

According to the company behind the upcoming release, it will be "a post-nuclear board game for 1-4 players", allowing gamers to take it on alone or with a group of friends.

Players will choose one of five characters - which includes a ghoul, super mutant and vault dweller - and each will have their own sets of characteristics and abilities to keep things tactically interesting.

The game then puts these characters in a scenario based on Fallout 3 and 4 - namely, The Commonwealth, The Pitt, The Capital Wasteland and Far Harbor.

Fans will notice spots like Diamond City - which have a set location every game, while places between the more significant location will be randomised each time.

Characters grow using a SPECIAL system - which competing factions advancing their agendas - as regions are explored, while completing missions in the main story or side quests will also give them a boost.

'Fallout' is expected to hit shelves later this year.