'FIFA 18' has been released for those who pre-ordered the game.

FIFA 18's Ronaldo edition

FIFA 18's Ronaldo edition

The hotly-anticipated soccer title is available today (26.09.17) for those who pre-ordered the 'Icon' or 'Ronaldo' editions as part of Electronic Arts' (EA) 3 Days Early Access mode.

EA celebrated the launch by taking to their Twitter account to write: "#FIFA18 is here!!! (sic)"

Several gamers and professional footballers have been enjoying the title, including the Chelsea players.

The London Premier League club's official Twitter account shared a picture of the Blues-emblazoned special edition 'FIFA 18' games, and wrote: "There was a special delivery waiting for players at Cobham this morning! #FIFA18 (sic)"

Those who haven't pre-ordered will have to wait until Friday (29.09.17) for 'FIFA 18' to be released on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

EA Sports recently announced improvements to the game's Career Mode, with the biggest being to the transfers mode.

Negotiations will now take place in real-time with an interactive cut scene as opposed to the old method of submitting an offer for a player and then having to wait for a response.

The developers hope this will replicate the excitement of transfer deadline day in leagues around the world as the selling club and the player's agent will all be involved.

Once a transfer is completed, you'll be treated to a "dynamic news clip," imitating those seen in real-world sports coverage when a player or manager gives a press conference announcing a new signing.

The "dynamic news clips" will also be shown when a team member wins a Player of the Month award or when the gamer wins a trophy.