Many people know the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) game franchise that follows a worker who must survive the night, and avoid being murdered by the animatronics that serve as entertainers at Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria.

Now with news of a film beginning filming mid-2021, there are countless things we'd love to see! We've broken our top five down for you here...

Freddy Fazbear / Picture Credit: Scott Cawthon

Freddy Fazbear / Picture Credit: Scott Cawthon

The stories

Though the games and books are set in the same universe, they do depict different narratives. The game follows the story of a worker who must stay alive, whilst the books follow Charlie whose father’s creations (the animatronics) haunt her nightmares.

Both these storylines would make excellent cinematic masterpieces, the stories could even be interlaced by saying the worker is Charlie’s father, and she lives in his shadow after the pizzeria shut down.

Even going with the main story following Charlie with flashbacks of the worker would make for a brilliant narrative.

The wonder of a film based on games or books, lies in the many ways the different stories can be twisted and combined, while still keeping the original themes alive.

The aesthetics

We’ve all seen horror films where the villain is some form of monster, right? Well the animatronics in Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria could be something else entirely.

From the four main characters including Freddy the Bear, Chica the Chicken, Bonnie the Bunny, and Foxy the Pirate, to the characters we only see in the books such as the Wolf, they would make unbelievably scary villains.

Bonnie the Bunny will find you / Picture Credit: Scott Cawthon
Bonnie the Bunny will find you / Picture Credit: Scott Cawthon

The mixture of fur and metal and wiring complete with the cliché glowing red eyes would be absolutely amazing to see on the big screen, and if the film went the direction of the shut-down pizzeria, the giant characters wandering around - half-animal/half-metal monster - would entice audiences quicker than a bear to honey.

These characters and their haunting settings would be perfectly translated to the big screen and the unsettling animatronics would make perfect villains.

Horror films

The horror genre is an open book. Many, many stories can fit into the genre of horror and gore – the FNAF series will be no exception, rather, it would be the perfect fit.

Since the FNAF games and books fall under horror, the film genre would be no different. But the film could go in the direction of action or even sci-fi, if those working on it are inventive. Still, the horror genre could envelop these characters, stories, and settings and make something truly scary and exceptional.

While we’ve seen films where the villain isn’t revealed until late on in the movie, this could do the same – but bigger and better.

Chica the Chicken / Picture Credit: Scott Cawthon
Chica the Chicken / Picture Credit: Scott Cawthon

Many horrors don’t show the whole villain and for long enough to up the ante so it were – FNAF would serve so well to see all the characters in their entirety, stalking the hallways and praying on whoever entered their domain.


With FNAF having over four games under its belt, including prequels and sequels, and the three books following one linear story, the possibilities for this FNAF movie is unparalelled.

There could be a linear story, followed by a sequel, then a prequel, then an origin story for an important character, and so on.

There could be many ways to stretch this franchise but not too thinly, as there are so many narratives to not only pick from, but to twist and mould into something more fitting for cinema.

The many ways that stories could be put together could pave the way into what could be a very big and successful franchise.


While the games are rather short, the books offer a slightly more in-depth story. However, neither the games nor the books lack fans.

The animatronics / Picture Credit: Scott Cawthon
The animatronics / Picture Credit: Scott Cawthon

The FNAF series is very successful as it is, with people still buying and downloading the many games, and the books still being sold and read, the introduction of a film has been well-recieved by fans.

This franchise literally has no limits, and for someone to finally be taking a crack at this is something so, so brilliant and it really is an exciting time for cinema when Freddy Fazbear and his friends finally haunt the big screen.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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