'Football Manager 2018' will include a new feature exploring a squad's dynamics.

Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018

The aptly-named Dynamics mode has been added to the forthcoming title to enable gamers - who assume the position of a manager in charge of a professional football team - to build a great team spirit among their squad and help turn title outsiders into champions.

Speaking on Football Manager's YouTube channel FMTV, host Joe Tomlinson said: "Dynamics is a wide-ranging and three-dimensional system that will really change the way you approach your squad handling and man management.

"It can influence which players you scout and sign as you look to build a dressing room that can work together effectively both on and off the pitch in the long term.

"Get it right and it could be the key to turning title outsiders into league champions."

One of the main additions is a Relationships page on the home screen, which shows how well a gamer's manager alter-ego gets on with other gaffers as well as certain players.

A Hierarchy screen has also been added showing a pyramid-shaped view of squad players ranked in terms of their influence in the dressing room, which could come in handy when deciding which player to choose as captain.

What's more, it is useful to know to make sure the manager doesn't fall out with a key influencer because the other players might become unhappy.

There is also a Social Group screen showing which players get on well with each other.

There are a number of social sections, including the Others category which might house players who simply don't mix well, or new signings who are yet to make new pals at the club.

Joe added: "Social groups alter the way you deal with players' requests as upsetting one member of the social group can turn the rest of that group against you.

"It's worth checking the social group a player is in, as well as your overall managerial support rating, before deciding what response to take to a player coming to you for more first team football or a new contract."

'Football Manager 2018' is to be released on November 10, 2018.