'Fortnite' is planning "many years of Marvel integration".



Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creator at Epic Games, has revealed that there is more POV-style characters to come after the success of 'Deadpool' and 'Captain America' integration with the online video game.

He said: "The reason we called this season Nexus War is that this is just the start of lots of stuff we have planned for many years of Marvel integration. This is not the end, this is the beginning. We thought a really good POV-style character which could set this up earlier this year was 'Deadpool', kind of fourth-wall breaking. And then Cap in July, building up to this moment."

And Mustard wanted to make the island the "main character" of the game to allow for integration of different worlds like Marvel.

Speaking on the This Week in Marvel podcast, he added: "What if instead of treating Fortnite's story like a normal narrative, I'm going to create a world where the island is the main character - so I'm going to treat the island like that traditional arc. And we've planned it that way. Like, I have the story and the narrative structure planned out for many, many, many years. And we're only three years in to an arc we have way planned out - like, the big beats of how that'll work. Over the years, players will understand why when they embody or inhabit a character like Wolverine or Iron Man this season ... There are some really big hints on the mythology of Fortnite in this season right now, as players start to understand why Thor is losing his abilities ... that stuff is going to be real to players, part of the philosophy."