Hades, Spinch and Inmost are three of our picks!
Hades, Spinch and Inmost are three of our picks!

After recently discovering a whole bunch of indie games that haven't yet made it to physical release on Nintendo Switch, and the brilliant Super Rare Games company that bring some of our favourites to life with editions of beloved titles, we got to thinking about which games we’d love to see join their ranks. 

There are so many fantastic games out there that it was tough to pick just five, but here are those we’d love to see get a physical release on Nintendo Switch…

5. Spinch

Never did I think a game where you assume control of a hyper-agile organism would be so fun, but Spinch proves that it can be one of the most addictive and exciting indie adventures around. Taking control of the titular hero in this side-scrolling platformer, you're tasked with rescuing a litter of Spinch's offspring, whilst enjoying the work of award-winning cartoonist, Jesse Jacobs.

4. A Summer's End - Hong Kong 1986

Visual novels are more common than ever before, so you'd be forgiven for not noticing the beautiful A Summer's End. Telling the love story between two women through vibrant visuals, it's not actually available on Nintendo Switch at all just yet; but we've got our fingers crossed for a physical release on the console at some point down the line!

3. Inmost

If you love exploring stunning new worlds, then Inmost might be the game for you! Three playable characters are available in a dark and interconnected story, all taking place in a gorgeous pixel art setting. Designed to be played in a single sitting, preferably on a dark and stormy night, you’ll get hours of fun out of investigating every nook and cranny of this memorable adventure.

2. Best Friend Forever

If you're a fan of dating sims and pet management sims, then you'll absolutely love Best Friend Forever! Combining those two worlds, you can play with your own pooch to form a bond with man's best friend; all whilst potentially forming a romantic connection with a diverse roster of local singles. The artwork in this one is absolutely beautiful; make sure you check it out!

1. Hades

Inspired by Greek mythology, Hades comes from Supergiant Games and offers a roguelike experience with thousands of story events and ability combinations available, meaning that each attempted dungeon escape from the underworld is unique. You may have seen the game make a whole bunch of different shortlists for Game of the Year, and it’s for good reason! 

Combining the addictive gameplay with a witty and well-written narrative, developers have struck gold. Fingers crossed for some stunning collectibles with a future physical release!

To check out some of the best, limited-edition physical games available on Nintendo Switch, head to https://superraregames.com/

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