There are dozens of films shot about poker, and each of them has its own story to tell. Any person living their most ordinary life can hardly resist the outward gloss and the storm of emotions that reign over the card table. Sometimes an exemplary family man wants to feel like a hardened player, who hides skillfully his emotions behind a mask of indifference. This time, we’ll have a look at the films that honestly tell us about the bitter ending that often awaits those who risk what they have in their search for fame and fortune.

Molly's Game

Molly's Game

One of the most recent examples here is Molly's Game, which is dedicated to charismatic Molly Bloom, "the queen of poker with high stakes". The film was directed by Aaron Sorkin, who is well-known for many movies, including Social Network, Steve Jobs, News Service, and West Wing. This time, critics have noticed that Jessica Chastain was, perhaps, the most charismatic actress, and the rest of the characters simply "existed in her universe." While it is possible to argue for a long time about whether this statement is truthful, but instead it is better to look at the plot.

Molly Bloom used to be a world-class skier, preparing to perform at the Olympics. Molly was trained by her father, a very harsh and demanding man. To take part in the Winter Olympic Games the girl does not manage: she gets an injury, badly compatible with further continuation of her sports career.

Molly Bloom decided to rest and overthink her life. In order to do this she moves to Los Angeles.

There she gets acquainted with Dean, who works as a programmer, but earns his living by organizing games with big stakes. Among his clients are those rich and famous, ready to play big just to tickle their nerves. Shortly, Molly learns the rules that guide this new world, and her income grows over time. However, Dean does not seem to like this situation at all, and he dismisses willful Molly. The girl decides she is ready to work independently and invites new friends to her own club.

Like any similar business, underground games soon become a problem: Molly attracts interest of the FBI, who offer the girl a deal. Molly will return her money if she gives out data about the players. Girl refuses to do this, because the consequences of such a decision can be disastrous. Nevertheless, thanks to a combination of her skill and luck, Molly manages to get over with just a fine and public works.

This movie is not just a romantic story telling about professional players in the world of the rich. Online casino, underground games, roulette, thimbles play - all this is a source of acute feelings and raw emotions that attract people inevitably. This kind of movies does not necessarily have to be truly outstanding to lock the viewer to the screen: even average films telling about the games of chance are in steady demand by those who do not so often put themselves  at risk or probably are just not too good in the game, yet want to feel the excitement and escape the ordinary. This is the secret of "gambling" films. And when they are flavored with a good story, they may become a real masterpiece.

You can recall the famous Rounders, telling the story of a regular guy who lives an ordinary life, but dreams of winning a poker championship. He does what he can in  order to achieve this: he studies theory, plays in underground clubs, and during the day he tries to earn some money by a regular person’s work. But when Worm, his friend of the protagonist, returns from jail, the problems start snowballing. The protagonist promises his girlfriend to quit the game, but can’t find any way to do it.

Although, the movie ends on a positive note, the plot is full of contradictions that will definitely tickle your nerves. This film proves once again that gambling is only suitable for people who are good at controlling themselves and know how not to take hasty and impulsive decisions.