'The Last of Us Part II' director Neil Druckmann doesn't understand how people can be so "hateful" about a game.

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II

The writer and director - who worked on the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved 2013 title - insisted everyone is right to have their own opinions, but there has to be a line.

He said: "I think you have to create some separation to say, we made this game, we believe in this game, we're proud of this game, now it's out there and it's like whatever reaction people have - whether they like it or not - that's fair.

"That's their reaction and you don't fight that. The other thing with the more hateful stuff, the more vile stuff, that's a little harder.

"It's especially harder when I see it happening to team members or cast members who play a particular character in the game."

Naughty Dog boss Druckmann admitted he couldn't get his head around the more "vile" backlash aimed at certain actors involved in the project.

Speaking on Reggie Fils-Aime's podcast, he added: "We have an actor, she's been getting really awful, vile stuff because of a fictional character she's playing in the game.

"I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around that. The thing I try to do is just ignore it as much as I can.

"When things escalate to being serious, there are certain security protocols that we take and I report it to the proper authorities.

"Then you just try to focus on the positives and focus on distracting yourself with other stuff. But it's kind of just the reality."