Claw machines are basically one of the funnest arcade games ever, but there’s just one downside: you have to leave the house. And sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) you really just want to stay at home curled up in your PJs and eating ice cream out the tub. But you also want a thrill from playing a claw game.

Well, meet Clawee, the app which answers that deep-seated need for fun and adrenaline without leaving your bed.

Don’t get the wrong idea — Clawee is not a virtual claw machine. When you download Clawee onto your phone, you get to play real claw machines over the internet, wherever you are in the world, for real, physical prizes that are shipped to your door.

All you need to do is to go to the Google Play or Apple App store on your phone and install Clawee for free. Then you pick a claw machine, and you start playing. When you drop that plush toy or cute lamp or any other prizes down the chute, someone at Clawee headquarters packages it up and posts it straight to you. Like I said, win real prizes without even leaving the front door.

It really is that simple, because Clawee even lets you play for free until you’ve scored a win, and it presents you with free coins each time you play. You’ll earn more free credits when you invite friends to join you too, and if you log in and play every day.

But you can also connect a payment method to buy coins, and use them to play the VIP machines. It’s well worth it, because the prizes in VIP machines are a step up from the others. We’re talking things like gamer headsets and bluetooth speakers. VIP players get other perks too, like free shipping on all your prizes, collection of freebie prize tickets, and the option to swap prizes for coins, which is great if you change how you feel about Mickey Mouse, for example.

Here’s how it works. Clawee gives you one opportunity to move the grabber claw sideways, then one move to shift it deeper into the cabinet, and then that claw goes down and you pray that it grabs your prize. You don’t have to guess at anything, because you’re watching a live, high-quality video feed of every move the grabber claw makes. The cameras are carefully positioned so that you can see exactly where the claw is, and you can switch cameras to get a better view from the side. But don’t overthink your positioning, because there’s a timer that restricts how long you can spend on each game.

You’ll find all the traditional kitsch claw machine prizes here, like plush cuddly toys and memorabilia, but also Pokemon, Disney toys, games, cosplay items, and more. There are surprise crates too, which send a mystery gift winging to your letterbox. Clawee adds new prizes every day, so if you’re not in the mood for the prizes today, come back tomorrow and you’ll find different options.

If you’re new to claw machines, or you’re not sure how to play Clawee, or you just want to learn tips from the experts, you can click on a video that shows the last winning game. You can even take notes if you like.

Sounds exciting, right? Especially when all your local arcades are closed because of corona. Download Clawee for free from the Google Play store or the Apple App store, and try your luck!

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