'Minecraft' will choose a new mob this weekend.



A live event is set to take place in the coming days, where once again the community of players will choose who will be introduced to the game from three different options.

The Glare mob alerts players when it is dark enough for monsters, such Zombies or Skeletons, to spawn.

Also on offer is The Copper Golem, who, much like other copper items, will oxidise over time. This cute companion will also see the addition of a copper button to Minecraft.

And the final choice for players is the Allay. This mob can be given an item by the player, which it will then try and find more of. They will also look for similar items if they can’t find duplicates of the original.

Previously, The Phantom, which was voted on during Minecraft Earth 2017, was added to the game.

This was followed by the Glow Squid, which was voted on last year and introduced in June.