Owlchemy Labs, the company that brought you Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, are back with another amazing VR game: Cosmonious High.

In the upcoming game, players take the role of an alien, who crash-landed into the school on their first day of class.

Using unlockable powers, players will help to repair the school, and bring Cosmonious High back to a shining standard once again. While fixing the school, you will meet an array of interesting and bright characters, explore a colourful world filled with excitement, take classes, and so much more.

Here are just a few things you can expect to see while playing Cosmonious High!

Living Characters showcase the highest level of VR interaction, with dynamic and beautifully-designed characters who respond to high, fives and fist bumps; you can speak to a unique and diverse bunch of characters.

Picture Credit: Owlchemy Labs
Picture Credit: Owlchemy Labs

The world of Cosmonious High boasts a bright, colourful interactive space for you explore and use your alien powers! Just remember not to skip class; despite the fires, AI malfunctions, and frequent meteor collisions.

Cosmonious High showcases the biggest world Owlchemy Labs have ever built! Hang out with your friends and classmates in the Grand Hall, experiment in Chemosophy, and get creative in Visualetics.

The game also gives players access to lots of alien powers that can be used to explore the school and experience the charming, vibrant world of Cosmonious High.

Among the other amazing things about the game, Cosmonious High looks absolutely stunning. Gamers are loving the cartoon-like style, and the bright, fun characters are already getting people excited to see Cosmonious High for themselves!

The trailer showcases these amazing features, and lets you see the stunning world you will be entering. You will be helping get the school back on its feet, whilst taking classes, meeting new friends and teachers, all in an incredible VR setting.

Picture Credit: Owlchemy Labs
Picture Credit: Owlchemy Labs

Andrew Eiche, Chief Operating Owl at Owlchemy Labs said, “We always pride ourselves in creating experiences that players can immerse themselves in while also injecting our own brand of humor and style.

“I believe we are doing just that with Cosmonious High,” Eiche continued, “its world will feel familiar to our long-time fans and welcome new players.”

Cosmonious High encapsulates our core pillars of interaction, inclusivity, and accessibility. We continue to push the boundaries of VR and we cannot be more excited to launch our first new IP in five years,” says Devin Reimer, Chief Executive Owl of Owlchemy Labs.

Cosmonious High will be available to purchase on SteamVR and Oculus Quest in Spring, 2022.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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