Nintendo has unveiled two special events for Switch fighter game 'Arms'

Nintendo Switch Arms

Nintendo Switch Arms

The gaming giant is set to release its new franchise for the Switch console in June and gamers have been given a chance to experience the video game before its release.

The colourful fighting game stars a handful of cartoony characters that are equipped with a variety of stretchy arm attachments.

The video game is suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers and two Global Testpunch events are being held to preview the game, enabling players to access 'Arms' multiplayer over two consecutive weekends.

The first weekend begins on Friday, May 26 for North American players and global audiences will have access the next day, running through to Sunday, May 28.

The second weekend picks up the following Friday, June 2 and ends Sunday, June 4.

Whether you're able to attend the Global Testpunch or not, Arms will release globally on Nintendo Switch on June 16, 2017.