Following the launch of the Oculus Quest 2 a little earlier this year, Connect have surprised us all by dropping their latest Quest Platform update, which brings a whole host of new features to the virtual reality platform.

With a fitness tracker, improved performance via Oculus Link and more now on offer, we’ve broken down exactly what you can expect when you push the update through your Quest headset!

Work out with Oculus Move

Keep on top of your fitness with Oculus Move!
Keep on top of your fitness with Oculus Move!

Keeping on top of our fitness has never been more important, with many of us forced to remain indoors for most of the time as the country was plunged back into lockdown.

Those of us who enjoy our virtual reality workouts will soon be able to do even more with Oculus Move, rolling out from next week (November 23rd 2020) and tracking our performance across all games and experiences, whether they be focused on fitness or not.

Once installed, Move helps players track their estimated calorie burn per session, as well as keeping a note of how long you've been active, whether you're slicing down enemies in an adventure game or taking on a literal fitness regime!

You’ll also be able to set goals, so for those who may be looking to create a new habit or keep on top of one they’ve recently started up, will be able to do so in an easier way with Quest than ever before.

Oculus Move is going to be rolled out gradually across Quest platforms, so don’t panic if you don’t see it right away following the update; just keep a close eye on your personal notifications and feed!

Support for 90Hz arrives

Bringing graphical performance up to 90Hz on Quest 2 was one of the primary goals of the team, so broadening the support across the entire platform is something we should all be excited about! 

Now as well as opting in to the 90Hz mode in the Home Environment, Explore, Store, Browser and Oculus TV via the Experimental Features pane, all system software - starting today (November 16th 2020) - will run at 90Hz by default. 

Developers are now also able to upload their games with native 90Hz support!

Beat Saber is one of VR's most stunning experiences
Beat Saber is one of VR's most stunning experiences

Some of those immediately being updated include fan-favourite titles such as SUPERHOT, Echo VR, Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator and Racket: Nx.

More supported games are on the way; playing them at 90Hz wirelessly is truly next level-impressive.

Oculus Link performance improved

Not only will 90Hz support be available wirelessly, but it'll be there for those who use Oculus Link. Starting today (November 16th 2020), Quest 2 owners can toggle between 72Hz, 80Hz and 90Hz right from the Oculus PC app.

Visual quality on the whole has also been improved by Connect with the update, with a new interface included so users can manage their graphics settings.

A year following its launch, Oculus Link will also be moving out of its beta phase, with many more new features promised to arrive in the near future.

The team at Connect commented: "We're proud of this milestone... And grateful for the reception Link's received from the community.”

Give the gift of VR to your loved ones

Sharing virtual reality with friends, family and other loved ones during the holidays may be extremely important, as we all look for unique ways to keep ourselves entertained! 

Later this month (November 2020), Connect are rolling out the App Gifting feature, letting you purchase games or experiences through the Oculus Store and send them on to a friend.

Once you've updated, simply keep an eye out for the Buy for a Friend button on the official Oculus website, or tap the three dot icon on the mobile app, with their email address handy. Those who receive gifts can redeem them via browser or the mobile app as well.

Later this month (November 2020), the ability to record your screen while casting to the Oculus app will also be added, so you can capture what's happening in the headset. This is perfect for YouTubers who want to piece together highlight reels from their Oculus Quest experiences!

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