‘Overwatch’ developers have unveiled re-designs for Widowmaker, Reaper, McCree, and Pharah, which are coming to ‘Overwatch 2’.

Widowmaker, Reaper, McCree, and Pharah for 'Overwatch 2'

Widowmaker, Reaper, McCree, and Pharah for 'Overwatch 2'

Developers of the team-based first-person shooter – which was released in 2015 and is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC systems – gave fans a first look at the upcoming sequel to the popular title during Blizzard Entertainment’s annual BlizzCon event over the weekend.

And among the new content coming to the game, four of the playable heroes - Widowmaker, Reaper, McCree, and Pharah – have received design overhauls.

Widowmaker’s changes are the most drastic of the four, as she now sports a long braid hairstyle rather than her former ponytail look and has a more striking armoured outfit.

Reaper has also received outfit changes to give his all-black attire some more contrast with flashes of silver, whilst McCree has retained his signature cowboy hat and serape, but now has a more technical look.

Pharah’s changes are the most subtle as the hero is still covered head to toe in armour, but her visor is now translucent so that facial expressions are more visible.

Elsewhere during BlizzCon – which was held virtually this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – developers discussed other changes to the game, including the ability for players to level heroes individually with new hero missions, allowing for more diverse play.

Unfortunately for fans of the title, Blizzard have not given a release date for ‘Overwatch 2’, and have said not to expect the game in 2021.