Phil Spencer revealed the Xbox Series S in July - but nobody noticed.

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S

The executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft took part in an interview on July 1 and the console - which was code-named Project Lockhart at the time - was actually on his shelf in the background the whole time.

The official Xbox Twitter account said: "Fun fact: Xbox Series S is so small @XboxP3 had it sitting on his bookshelf back on July 1 and nobody noticed. (sic)"

Earlier this month, an industry expert hailed the Xbox Series S, describing it as "great value".

Microsoft recently announced details of the console, which is designed to be a more affordable option for 1440p gaming, and its already been hailed by Adam Campbell, the founder of POC in Play, an organisation that promotes people of colour working in the gaming industry.

He explained: "The Xbox Series S in my view, represents a great value compromise in a world of ever-increasing costs for cutting-edge technology.

"It could be a real winner for the average gamer and an advantage against Xbox's main rival."