‘Pokemon Go’ is set to introduce new Pokemon, a higher level cap, new seasons, and so much more as part of its “Go Beyond” update.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

The augmented reality mobile game has been given a string of steady updates and tweaks since it was released back in 2016, but the title will be given its very first major branded update in just a few weeks, which will bring a host of new content.

Named Go Beyond, the massive update will be rolled out on the week beginning November 30, and will bring with it some significant changes, including the first Pokemon to appear in the game from the main series’ Generation 6, as well as a higher level cap, seasons, and much more.

Starting from December 2, players will be able to encounter a handful of Gen 6 Pokemon in the wild, including X and Y starters Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, as well as Bunnelby, Fletchling, and Litleo.

To coincide with the new additions, developers at Niantic will hold a special event that makes the new Pokemon appear in the wild more frequently, which will run from December 2 until December 8.

Niantic are also making it easier to level up by doling out more XP for capturing and evolving Pokemon, registering new Pokedex entries, hatching eggs, and other tasks, in a bid to make it much easier for lower-level players to catch up.

Ahead of the Go Beyond update, Niantic is holding a 12 Days of Friendship event in the game, which began on November 18.

The event sees friendship levels between players and Pokemon increase much quicker than normal when players open gifts, trade Pokemon, or battle together in Raids and Gyms.

Players will also receive an attack boost when they battle in a Raid alongside a friend as well as increased XP for successfully completing the battle, and the number of gifts they can open each day has been increased.

The 12 Days of Friendship event runs until November 30.