Preview copies of the ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ board game have been sent out!

6: Siege - The Board Game (c) Mythic Games

6: Siege - The Board Game (c) Mythic Games

The online tactical shooter video game was launched in 2015: and it is now getting a board game!

Mythic Games will be officially launching the project on Kickstarter later this year.

The game is called ‘6: Siege - The Board Game’, and fans will be able to help fund the project on the crowdfunding platform in “Summer 2021”.

A description of the upcoming project on Kickstarter describes it as: “a tactical 1-on-1 shooter with miniatures based on the acclaimed Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Siege by Ubisoft!”

The official Mythic Games Twitter page recently shared an unboxing video of the prototype, from board game YouTuber The King of Average: so it seems that the company is making good progress with the game already.

Since preview copies of the game have been sent out to some content creators, it hopefully won’t be too long until the board game is officially released.