The iconic soundtracks for both 'Sonic Adventure' and 'Sonic Adventure 2' are being release on vinyl for the first time.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

The exciting musical announcement has been confirmed by record label Brave Wave, who will team up with game publisher SEGA for the unique collaboration.

Although a definitive release date is yet to be revealed, both collections - each hand-picked by Sonicseries composer Jun Senoue - will be available to buy "this winter".

The tracks - including favourites like 'It Doesn't Matter', 'Live & Learn' and 'Open Your Heart' - have been totally remastered for the vinyl format, while the double LP sets will feature a booklet full of artwork and interviews with both Senoue and Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka.

Meanwhile, first-press versions of each collection will be coloured to fit the games, with 'Sonic Adventure' been done in the classic blue and white, while 'Sonic Adventure 2' will sport blue and red.

The former was originally released in November 1998 on the SEGA Dreamcast console, and featured the main theme 'Open Your Heart', which was composed by Senoue and Fumie Kumatani and performed by Crush 40.

Its sequel was released three years later, with Shadow making his debut as Sonic's hedgehog rival.

Senoue composed 'Escape From The City... for City Escape' for the game, and the track was performed by Ted Poley.