'Sonic Forces' players will get the chance to take control of Shadow the hedgehog, thanks to the game's first piece of DLC (Downloadable Content).

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

It has been confirmed that the favourite with gamers will be part of the upcoming new title via free downloadable content, titled 'Episode Shadow'.

As reported by Polygon, the add-on will feature three levels focused on the black and red character, which will also act as a prequel to the main game's story.

Video game giant SEGA said:: "['Episode Shadow] explores Shadow's allegiance, the fate of Team Dark, and the origin of the mysterious villain, Infinite."

Furthermore, gamers will enjoy the chance to play as the hedgehog in 10 Modern Sonic levels from the full title, which is set to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, on November 7.

It will be the first time the beloved favourite - who starred in 2005 title 'Shadow the Hedgehog' - has been playable since free-to-play mobile game 'Sonic Runners', which was released in 2015.

Meanwhile, SEGA has also treated fans to a story trailer for 'Sonic Forces', which will see Sonic and the gang coming together to face Eggman, who is ruling the planet.

The official description reads: "Eggman has taken over the world. It's up to Sonic and the resistance to liberate it from his iron fists.

"But things won't be so simple with Eggman's new right-hand man, the mysterious Infinite. Get ready to take back the planet."