Sony has announced that PlayStation users who win multiple trophies can now redeem points in the Network Store.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

The technology giant explained that as a result of this development, gamers will be able to buy new titles, because the more "money" they can earn, the more they will have to spend in the PlayStation store.

Under the current value system, a $10 PSN voucher is earned by saving 1000 points, with 100 silver trophies being worth 100 points and 25 gold trophies earning 250 points.

And while the value attached to the games is not as significant as some people may have hoped, there is still scope for avid PlayStation fans to get their hands on some new titles.

Last month, meanwhile, Sony confirmed the first 'Call of Duty: WWII' map pack will be called The Resistance.

The gaming giant made the announcement at its Paris Games Week showcase, revealing it will make the launch on January 30 for PlayStation 4.

Another three map packs will follow after The Resistance, although details for those are not yet known.

The firm confirmed, too, that the first map pack will not be available to PC or Xbox One players for another 30 days.