Sega has released 'Space Harrier II' as the latest title in its 'SEGA Forever' range for mobile gamers.

SEGA Forever

SEGA Forever

The collection allows fans to play classic games from the console giant's past on their mobile phone, and now the former Mega Drive favourite has been added just two weeks after 'Golden Axe' hit online app stores.

The company's emulator allows fans to revisit their childhood with the collection, and 'Space Harrier II' has made its welcome return to the mobile gaming world.

It was originally available via the iPhone store back in 2010, allow it was removed in 2015 was Sega got rid of its entire iPhone library.

However, any fans who owned the mobile version the first time round will be able to use the ad free version at no extra cost.

Also coming to the collection is legendary game 'Crazy Taxi Classic', which originally launched in arcades and the Dreamcast console.

Although it first appeared in the iPhone store in 2012, it has stayed there ever since and received regular updates over the last few years.

For this latest stage in its lifespan, the game has been given a small cosmetic shift to brand it as part of the 'SEGA Forever' collection.