'Steven Universe: Save the Light' is set to be released on October 31.

Steven Universe: Save the Light screenshot

Steven Universe: Save the Light screenshot

The first home console title based on the popular Cartoon Network animated series has been hotly anticipated since its announcement, and the broadcaster has now revealed it will be released for PlayStation 4 in North and Latin America at the end of this month, with the Xbox One and global release coming three days later on November 3.

'Steven Universe: Save the Light' is a sequel to the mobile game 'Attack the Light', which was released for Android and iOS devices back in 2015.

The game is a 2D RPG and stars many mainstays from the animated series, including Steven, his dad Greg, his best friend Connie, and the Crystal Gems. It also features several original characters like Squaridot, a game-exclusive Crystal Gem who's an ally of the game's mysterious antagonist.

Like most RPG games, battles in 'Steven Universe: Save the Light' will take a turn based approach, with the addition of quick time events in which players must press the button at the right time to defend themselves against enemies and deal extra damage when they attack.

Users who intend on picking up the game for the Xbox are able to pre-order the title from the Xbox Store from October 23.

For both consoles, the game is only available digitally and must be downloaded from the respective online stores, where it will cost $25.