'Pokemon GO' players in Japan spend three times as much on the game as their American counterparts.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

New research has revealed that 'Pokemon GO' fans in Japan have spent more than $26 per download on the record-breaking game over the course of the last year, thereby rendering it easily the biggest market for the money-spinning franchise.

The report, produced by Sensor Tower, listed the US at second position in its rankings, with $7.70 being spent per download.

Furthermore, the research found that in France, just $2.80 was spent per download, while in South Korea the figure stood at $3 per download.

Earlier this month, development firm Niantic admitted to being shocked by the success of 'Pokemon GO'.

The technology giant launched the hugely profitable title in mid-2016 and John Hanke, the Chief Executive Officer of the game's developer, conceded the company was caught by surprise at the incredible popularity of 'Pokemon GO'.

He explained: "We lost probably six months on our schedule because of the success of the game.

"Really all the way through November and December, from launch onward we were rebuilding and rewiring infrastructure just to keep the game running at the scale that we were running at."