There has been quite the trend of members of the Sims 4 community putting together their best tiny living creations and sharing them with the world in the public gallery. It’s something that’s clearly grabbed the interest of EA and Maxis, as they recently released their latest Stuff Pack to the game, focused entirely on creating a small home using just 100 tiles or less. It’s the first new pack of the decade, so it was entirely necessary to smash it out of the park and set their stall for the next few months and indeed years.

If you enjoy creating new Sims, then you'll be pleased to see the addition of some hairstyles and clothing for both men and women here; the latter of whom also get a few accessories to play with. The theme here is comfort and warmth, with outfits that wouldn’t look out of place on your Sim, snuggled up in a log cabin.

The real excitement with this pack however, of course comes with the new lot type and tiers. As mentioned, the third tier challenges you to create a fully-functioning home with just 100 tiles. If you want to really challenge yourself though, there’s a second tier, where your aim is to create a home with 64 tiles, and the top tier where you’re given just 32 tiles to come up with something special. It’s difficult, but not impossible, and more than anything it’s great to be given a tough goal to achieve in this world. It brings a whole new layer to the game and before you realise it, you’ll plough countless hours into your creations.

Once your tiny home is complete, you'll be granted reduced bills for any household who live there, whilst tiers two and one also come with a bunch of other game-changing perks. These include skill building boosts; relationship gains and losses boost; plans growing twice as fast; and comfortable moodlets doubled.

Are you ready for Tiny Living in The Sims 4? / Photo Credit: EA
Are you ready for Tiny Living in The Sims 4? / Photo Credit: EA

A personal favourite addition to the objects section comes in the form of Murphy Beds. These are foldaway beds that include built-in sofas and bookshelves, with the bed itself able to be stored in the wall to create extra living space, allowing for more room for activities! Just be aware that these beds could cause some deadly carnage for your Sims…

Another new object type is the Media Marathoner. This item includes an all-in-one TV, stereo and bookshelf that takes up just a pair of tiles when it comes to floor space. You can mount them on the wall or have them as free-standing objects, making great decorations for your tiny home.

Cheaper than the usual expansions at just £9.99 and light on content when compared to the more expensive additions to the game, players are often cautious about splashing out on Stuff Packs. When it comes to Tiny Living however, it’s certainly worth picking up if you like a challenge! It’s an entirely different way to play, that’ll have you hooked for the foreseeable future.

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