Recently, Ubisoft announced that the second season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (Year 7) will be available next month (June, 2022), and is titled Operation Vector Glare

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter game developed by Ubisoft, and was initially released in 2015. 

The newest season will introduce a new Belgian Operator named Sens, an all-new Team Deathmatch map, Phase 1 of the new Reputation System that brings Privacy Mode along with other updates, a change in narrative, as well as more improvements in gameplay. 

Operation Vector Glare will put strategy above all else with new Operator Sens, a skilled tactician from Belgium with military experience, as well as psychology training. 

The R.O.U. Projector System gadget will deploy a wheel that heads straight forward and leaves behind small self-destructs after a certain amount of time. 

In addition to Sens, players will be able to check out an exclusive Team Deathmatch map which be available at Season 2’s upcoming launch. 

The map is set in the beautiful location of Greece, and is a Close-Quarter style map. This will be the very first location dedicated to movement, rather than a defence strategy. 

The map consists of differing lines of sight, as well as a circular style to keep movement flowing and each player guessing. 

Two onboarding tools will be added in Season 2, including a Shooting Range where players can practice their aim, train for matches, and experiment with weapons, attachments, recoil, and more, in order to get used to their options before making a selection. 

The second tool is the Operator Guide, which will give players information about the Operators they can choose. Players will get to see Operator’s special abilities, gadgets, as well as any advice for the best Attack or Defence strategy. 

As announced at the Six Invitational 2022, a narrative change will be coming to the Siege universe; the Rainbow Six Operators will now be split into specialised units. These units will be working together to fulfill Rainbow’s mandate of global protection. Operation Vector Glare introduces the Wolfguard squad, the world’s foremost humanitarian military unit known for its compassionate and thoughtful approach. 

Further updates include a third slot for secondary weapons for certain Operators, and an option to adjust screen shake intensity. 

Operation Vector Glare will be available from June 7th, 2022. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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