The publisher behind 'Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana' has apologised for the poor translation featured on the game's English language version.

The PS4 console

The PS4 console

The action role-playing game was developed in Japan and launched earlier this year, but the title's transition into the English language market has been troubled, with fans bemoaning the awkward translations that have served to undermine their enjoyment of the game.

And now, NIS America - the Japanese video game developer and publisher behind the title - has acknowledged the problems and offered an apology to fans.

In a statement, CEO Takuro Yamashita explained: "As president of NIS America, Inc. I want to apologise to you personally for this grave error. This situation should not have happened - especially to a game as wonderful as 'Ys VIII' and by a company that strives to deliver the very best customer experience in each title."

He promised that the firm will identify all of the problems and fix the game - which is available on the PS4 console - as soon as possible.

His statement continued: "We have begun internally to investigate the causes of this situation as well as to implement steps to ensure that a similar situation does not occur again.

"As for 'Ys VIII' itself, we will have a new translator and editor go over the entire localisation to fix grammatical errors, typos, inconsistencies, and also to take a fresh look at the dialog and characterisations.

"For the script, where necessary, we will re-translate and re-edit the game including updating voicework to reflect these changes."