As one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world, Grand Theft Auto has become popular with all sorts of audiences, and ti looks like it's now paving its way into the elders market.

"I hit a woman for the first time in my life... and I'm having fun!" exclaims one of the men playing after stabbing a female in-game victim.

"Busted! Well, as well he should be, he killed a few people." laughs a female player after going on her own killing rampage.

"I'd like to have him turn the gun on himself." says another.

Hilarious yet eye-opening, half of the group seem to think the game is a great way to do naughty things without actually hurting anybody, and wouldn't think that the game would allow people to go on and commit crime in real life.

Others think it might 'brainwash' younger players and influence their real-life actions.

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