Over the last couple of decades, few industries have evolved quite as well or as rapidly as online casinos. These days, there isn’t a single casino game that you can’t get online. Whether you want to play immensely popular poker games with friends or prefer a more eclectic game like Dragon Tiger, it’s all available on the internet. Really, the only thing that iGaming platforms couldn’t offer that land-based had was a true, real-world interactive, engaging experience. Or at least, that was the case until live casino dealers appeared.

Casinos on Female First

Casinos on Female First

What are Live Casino Dealers?

For a long time, online casinos lacked the real-world communication and experience that land-based casinos have mastered. Sure, online casinos are more accessible, often have more games and, more often than not, have customer service on par with the casinos of Las Vegas, but for a long while, there was no actual human communication passed chat boxes. 

It wasn’t until internet technology caught up with the ideals of iGaming developers that live casinos games were introduced. Put simply, these games are live streamed across the web from a studio, or occasionally a real-world casino, into players’ homes. At first, live casino games were restricted to the like of three-card poker and roulette, but now it seems there isn’t a single casino game that isn’t being live streamed somewhere. At online casino redbet alone, there are 45 games offering live casino action, including various roulette and poker variations as well as Football Studio, Dragon Tiger and Blackjack.

Now that we’ve explored what a live casino is, we’re pretty sure you can guess what role a typical live casino dealer plays. Like in a regular casino, they are the dealer; the only difference is that they are live streamed across the internet instead of literally standing in front of players. Interestingly, the majority of live dealers appear to be women and so we thought we’d take a look at how one becomes a live dealer. 

How Can You Become a Live Casino Dealer?

First and foremost, you must have the qualities and skills required of any croupier. You must know how to play a variety of table games, as you may not only be required to lead these games for a number of players, but may also have to explain the process and rules to any newcomers. As for fancy card skills, chances are these aren’t crucial when you first turn up to the job, but you could always pick them up as you go along. 

It isn’t all about the cards, though, as people skills are just as important as your skills with a deck. You must be polite, have well-developed people skills and, as you are being live streamed, you must also be at least somewhat entertaining to watch. Everybody plays online games of all sorts to be entertained, and so don’t be surprised if you yourself must be the life of the party.

Becoming a live casino dealer may not be at the top of everyone’s aspirations list, but as technology evolves, there are more types of jobs being created than ever before and many more careers to consider. If you think you’d make a great live casino dealer, then why not go for it! 

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