As a single mother of three who also works as Head of Marketing for ProjectM Studio, Lucy Uden made the move to the world of technology just over a year ago after spending 15 years in marketing.

Lucy with her three daughters

Lucy with her three daughters

Describing the move to the digital world as "exciting and intriguing", she says: "I would definitely encourage anyone to embrace the world of tech, as although I am not part of 'The Facebook Generation', digital media and mobile gaming/apps are the way of the future."

For women though, a career in technology is not always easy. Here are Lucy's top five tips for females hoping to make it in the world of tech:

  1. In tech, you start later, normally 10am/10.30am, so it allows for morning school drop offs. However, you should always be prepared for late evenings.
  2. It is a very male-dominated industry, so having childcare issues isn't always received well. Have a back-up plan.
  3. As tech/digital is based on a global scale, be prepared for late evening Skype chats with other timezones.
  4. Do your homework and keep up with the very fast-paced changing technology - and glossary of acronyms!
  5. Be bold and go for it. Believe in what you want and grab it with both hands.

Chatting about her time at ProjectM to-date, she says: "I am learning all the time, which at this stage in my career is so refreshing."

Now Lucy is working on marketing for new game Dig That Gold, which offers players the opportunity to win some real-life prizes in the form of gold.

Talking about the game, Lucy comments: "Dig That Gold has such a unique proposition - a mobile game that awards its players with actual 24-carat gold bars.

"I wanted to be part of this exciting new concept that will revolutionise the gaming industry forever."

Available now for free on iPhone and iPad, the game has already seen players around the globe have 24-carat gold bars delivered to their doorstep.

Gamers will travel across various colourful continents in the game, searching for precious metals with every virtual nugget you obtain getting banked in your gold account. When you reach certain milestones, real-life gold will be awarded.

Those bars vary in size and are available in anything from 1 gram to 20 grams. There's no limit in how much gold you can be awarded in the game, and you can choose to save your gold and redeem later for a larger bar, or exchange it immediately.

Player Bill Yunus said: "I can't believe I was awarded an actual bar of gold! It's one of those things you don't think really happens... It made my week."

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