The cost of living crisis is causing a multitude of problems. It’s changing the way in which people behave as they try to balance the books. Research has shown that 10% of women who gamble, whether it be at casinos or perhaps, bingo, are now using it as a way to try and cope with rising prices.



It’s a difficult decision to make for female gamblers.  Do they decide to cut down the amount they gamble as food and energy bills increase? Or do they take the decision to increase their gambling and hope some wins come along that can pay the increasing bills?

No doubt it is a difficult situation that we are facing. Yes, winning at the local casino or at one of the legal online casino websites top listed here can help your financial situation. However, if some losses are incurred then the crisis intensifies.

Chasing losses is never recommended, it can turn things around but more often just makes everything worse. Gambling money that should be used on items such as heating bills, the rent or other bills is also not advisable.

The charity GambleAware is concerned that the cost of living crisis could see more women suffering gambling harm. That may well happen as research released towards the end of 2022 showed that one in four female gamblers in the 18-49 age range say they expect more will be gambled in the coming months. The rising food and energy costs are being blamed for their decision.

This time of the year traditionally sees female gamblers making more wagers. If the number of visits to internet casinos and other gambling venues increases, then there  could be some big problems on the way for the rest of this new year 

Why do women gamble is a big question to answer. It’s not just the desire to go to a casino and win at the roulette table or see your cards win at blackjack or baccarat. For some women that gamble, it’s seen as a way of escaping their day-to-day life.

When the wins come along, it is a great feeling. However, the constant battle to get those wins and cope with losses sustained can increase stress and anxiety levels.

Maintaining control over your gambling is sometimes more difficult than picking a winner or winning at the roulette wheel. It’s not easy to realise just when your gambling is becoming a problem.

GambleAware now has a prevention campaign that raises awareness of the support that is available for those women who have problems with their gambling.

The chief executive of GambleAware is Zoë Osmond. Commenting on the need to give further help to women who have gambling problems, the chief executive believes the recent research is a “stark warning sign.” Therefore the need is even higher to “help ensure more women are aware of the risks of gambling.”

The chief executive added that the current financial problems in the UK could be causing a “perfect storm, which may lead to a rise in the number of women experiencing gambling harm.”

Will women who gamble look for help? Those gambling too much online or making too many costly visits to casinos often find it hard to not just accept they have a problem but then struggle to get help. There is still a stigma that is present that makes it difficult to make that first call or send an initial email that can be the first step to recovery. Suffering in silence is never a good idea but it’s one that many female gamblers find themselves in.

It’s not just the women who gamble that are facing problems and may need help. Those who have a partner or a child who have a gambling problem. Seeing a loved one struggling is never a good situation to find yourself in and it can have a tragic ending.

The New Year’s Honours List released at the end of 2022 saw Liz Ritchie receive an MBE. Along with her husband, Charles, she helped launch the charity Gambling with Lives. It helps those who have been bereaved due to a suicide that was gambling-related.

Sadly, Liz and Charles lost their son Jack six years ago. He became addicted to slot machines and other forms of gambling and committed suicide. The following year, the Gambling With Lives charity was launched. Mrs Ritchie said her MBE was “really for all the families searching for justice for those that have died.”

2023 will eventually see the UK Government publish a White Paper on gambling reform. That’s been delayed many times in the past year. While that is delayed, an increasing number of female gamblers have been increasingly struggling to deal with the problems their betting causes.

Hopefully, this year will see more action taken by the UK Government as they have been promising to do so since 2019.

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