By Marby Kwong, Supersolid’s Lead Game Artist on Home Street

Marby Kwong

Marby Kwong

Designing and building mobile games is exciting and stimulating! Mobile games are at the forefront of handheld technology. Releasing apps to the newest of devices means we have to think on our feet and be ahead of the curve - it’s a brilliant industry to work in if you want to think outside the box, innovate and be around bright and interesting people

Mobile games are designed for everyone - our games are approachable and free to download and play. We (all the team - artists, coders, animators) always talk about and consider the experience of players as our highest priority. This means we build games that are accessible and that we are happy to recommend to our friends and family of all ages

Your presence is important  - Working in mobile games shows that it’s not an industry that needs to be dominated by one gender. The gaming industry should be a great place to feel equal as a gamer, regardless of your identity - therefore each gender needs to be represented. People, regardless of gender, can excel at programming, coding, creative ideas, art, animation - these skills are not the preserve of one gender over another

Equal representation in in-game characters - Some games don’t have avatars that are female. We can make sure that women are represented - in the game and outside the game. Further that the representation of each gender in-game is something that diverse players will respond to positively.

Consideration of both genders in game themes - When choosing and designing objects, we ensure that we think about what our players want to engage with. This information comes from our brilliant Community & Customer Service team, led amazingly by Bevy, who listens to everything the players communicate to Supersolid and feeds it back to the whole team.

Designing for our players - Our players are diverse - both male and female are well represented. We spent over 2 years working on Home Street because we realised that our players wanted more options to design, to interact with each other (including building in-game relationships) and to design their characters.

Be part of diverse teams with different approaches to work- To create brilliant games with excellent functionality and ideas; diversity in approach and mindset is key. Different people will have different approaches (at Supersolid we have a team from 15 different countries) - we believe there isn’t just one way to solve a problem or complete a task.

Support hiring based on skill and positive attitude to diversity Being part of the recruitment conversation will ensure that teams remain diverse - with less bias to one gender or associated personality type over another - including pay, hiring bias, or any other possible differences between the genders.

Support a positive and diverse office culture - With the discussion on #MeToo, our office thought it was important to discuss office culture both in our past and present experiences. We all agreed that diversity supports a healthier office culture in which great games and working relationships can thrive. At Supersolid, not only does the team work well together, but we also game together - every Friday after hours in the office.

The quality of work each gender produces is equal and therefore positions of power should have representation of each gender - this should inspire future generations to pursue fulfilling careers with fewer reservations.

Home Street is available to download for free in 11 languages on Apple iOS and Android devices today:

Download free here:

About Supersolid

Supersolid is a mobile games developer founded in 2012 by Kenneth Fejer, Michelle Chuang, Tommy Chuang and Ed Chin. It has since grown to over 30 team members, headquartered in London UK, and attracted the backing of leading investors, including Index Ventures, Initial Capital and individual investors such as Chris Lee. Supersolid’s previous games include Super Penguins (a global hit with over 20 million downloads) and Adventure Town (exceeding 1 million downloads in its first 10 days). In 2015, Supersolid released Food Street, now a leading restaurant management game, with new content and feature updates released every month to growing and passionate community of players worldwide. Home Street is Supersolid’s fourth game.

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