'Yakuza' and 'Persona' are on Sega's list to be made available on PC.

Yakuza and Persona coming to PC?

Yakuza and Persona coming to PC?

John Clark, Sega Europe's senior vice president of commercial publishing, was asked what games they are hoping to expand to the PC format and the action-adventure and role-playing games are definitely in talks to move to the format.

He told PC Gamer at E3:"If I asked you to write me a list of ten games you want Sega to bring out on PC, it probably isn't any different from the list [we have].

"I could ask anyone at Sega: write me a list. And what motivates it? I think there's a certain catalogue that people just have an affinity with.

"If you send [your] list over I'll tell you which ones we can tick, which ones are on our list, which ones are possibilities, which ones are not possibilities, which ones we've talked about, which ones we're talking about, which ones we're working on, you know, they'll be on that list."

Quizzed if 'Yakuza' is on their agenda, he said: "It's on that list. Of course something we're talking about it ... that would just be incredible to bring that to the PC audience."

And as for 'Persona', he said: "Of course, of course--I keep trying to get in ahead of you, I'm trying to guess what you're going to say next. We don't feel that anything is off the table in terms of these conversations. The fact that as an organisation we're having these healthy conversations, they're constructive, we recognise the value, we recognise the value of the community, the IP. The IP has got continued life to grow and get bigger."