Like A Feather

Like A Feather

In the secluded English countryside a lonely woman’s burning desires balance on a knife-edge as she discovers that her passionate encounter with a mysterious young stranger could thrill her or kill her.

Anne Hudson has a perfect life. Married to a successful neurosurgeon, she lives a life free of responsibilities in a luxurious mansion isolated in the wilderness of the lake country.

Yet despite her privileged lifestyle Anne craves the pleasure of male company, the type of company her husband has failed to give her for years.

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Ignored, alone and constantly placed second to the demands of her husband’s prestigious career, Anne sinks into a silent depression and soon begins to lose all sense of the passionate, sensual woman she once was.

Living a life of maddening loneliness, Anne is overcome with the numbness of despair until a chance meeting with an extraordinary man awakens in her the urges of a woman unfulfilled.

Young, vigorous Chris Kennedy unlocks the secret passions in Anne’s mind and fills her with a gratification that twenty years of marriage failed to satisfy. Rejuvenated by the tenderness and youth of her lover, Anne starts to remember the excitement of being alive. But as her infatuation with Chris draws them ever closer, Anne makes a frightening discovery: a missing knife, remarkably similar to the suspected weapon of an unsolved murder.

Addicted to and enraptured by Chris, Anne tries to ignore the chilling suspicions that plague her mind. But when several local women fall prey to a gruesome serial killer, Anne is forced to confront the murderer or risk becoming the next victim.

Like a Feather is the evocative debut from Berit Beth. Embedding a feast of erotic delights into a terrifying story of intrigue, violence and mystery, Beth delivers an addictive piece of fiction that will leave readers’ hearts racing.

Romantic erotica blends seamlessly into psychological thriller, creating a gritty and exciting novel with impressive emotional depth and realistic characterisation. Beth writes with great passion, conveying a rawness of emotion that is deeply affecting.

Beth is part of a new wave of female authors who are revitalising erotic fiction and liberating the genre from its seedy image; for the first time women are driving the erotic fiction market and pushing the boundaries of the genre further than ever before.

Not for the faint of heart, Like a Feather is an exhilarating title that portrays the delicate balance between fear, pain and pleasure.

About the Author: Berit Beth is a registered nurse and lives with her husband in Schleswig, north Germany where she runs her own medical clinic. Like a Feather is her first book.

Like a Feather by Berit Beth (published by AuthorHouse 2011, RRP £8.08) is available from Amazon UK and can be ordered from all good book retailers.