Written by the Founder & CEO of Kaia Health

Kaia Health Perfect Squat

Kaia Health Perfect Squat

Available anytime: Using your iPhone as a personal trainer, you don’t need to make an appointment. You can pull the phone out of your pocket and exercise with the Kaia Health Perfect Squat app anytime you feel motivated.

Available anywhere: Train anywhere you want to. You don’t need to set apart valuable time to go to a studio to exercise. All you need is a bit of space to work out. You can train at home, at work, in the park or wherever you are right now.  

No costs: this personal trainer is free. The app offers you a personal training at absolutely no cost. Get all the benefits of a personal trainer, such as a personalized training plan without having to spend money.

Motivation: keep your motivation high with encouraging push notifications. One of the main reasons people stop exercising is that they lose motivation. Kaia Health Perfect Squat notifies you when one of your friends is exercising.

Profit from exercises compiled by the best personal trainers out there: instead of having one personal trainer, the app combines the knowledge of various personal trainers and physiotherapists to provide you with the best guidance.

Track your progress in the app: see how you get stronger and fitter over time. Log your improvements in the app and set personal goals.

Connect with friends and compare results: the app offers you the chance to challenge friends and compare yourself to them. Add a fun element to your workout and keep it playful.

New exercises added constantly: keep your workout exciting. The app is constantly reviewed and new training programs are added over time.

No fitness equipment needed: all you need for a workout with the app is your smartphone and a bit of space. There is absolutely no fitness equipment needed for any of the exercises.

Experience innovative tech in a playful way: see yourself what all the AI-talk is about and how the technology can improve your personal fitness.