Andy Murray now eats a gluten-free diet

Andy Murray now eats a gluten-free diet

This week saw the start of Wimbledon and it seems that the players' diets are being discussed as much as their on-court performances. 

British hopeful Andy Murray, defending champion Novak Djokovic and German tennis ace Sabine Lisicki have all gone gluten free after discovering they have food intolerances, and have reported improved sporting performance since changing their diets. 

Commenting on this, Matt Lovell, Elite Sports Nutritions, said: "Food intolerance can comprimise performance on a number of levels. 

"Studies have shown significant improvement in sports stars who remove trigger foods from their diets, and Novak Djokovic has widely attributed his stellar rise to the top of his sport to the identification of gluten intolerance”.

Allergy UK estimates that 45 per cent of the UK suffers from food intolerance – a different condition from food allergies and one with an incredibly varied array of symptoms including migraine, extreme exhaustion, skin inflammation, fatigue and IBS.

If, like Andy Murray, you suspect you could have a food intolerance, YorkTest offers complete and nutritionally supported food and drink intolerance programmes from £250.

For anyone wanting to know whether food-specific IgG antibody reactions are present the ‘First Step’ pre-screen is available, currently on offer at £9.99.  If the First Step result is positive you can choose to proceed to one of YorkTest’s comprehensive food and drink intolerance programmes.  Home-to-laboratory test kits can be purchased from YorkTest by calling 0800 074 6185 or visiting

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